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PanGlobal Recordings 0001 - by Mo Jakob

PanGlobal Recordings 0001 - by Mo Jakob

A series of PanGlobal recordings by the third circle of collaborators aligned to Concrete Blossom. First in line of thousands to come is Mo Jakob with NUMBA WAN NUMBA WAN. Salaam Aleikum.

about author Mo Jakob

Mo Jakob [NL] is a DJ, event organizer and programmer at club MONO in Rotterdam. For Mo music does not consist of boundaries, and thus he fluently merges genres together like a chef puts its ingredients together to create that “he don’ did it again” meal. Mo is always looking for the edgy and new.

  • published: 15 May 2020
  • publisher: Concrete Blossom
  • form: digital WAV file
  • location: Rotterdam, Feijenoord, Nederland

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